My Relaxing Evening Routine

Every now and then, we need an evening to ourselves. One where we can relax and unwind. Actually, most of my evenings are spent like this! I’m a homebody, introvert and suffer from mental health issues, so I find daily life pretty bloody exhausting. I love being at home, making it cosy and peaceful. SoRead more

Let’s Talk Self-Care

Hannah Jayne mental health body confidence

Everywhere on the Internet, the idea of self-care is being promoted. I am firm supporter of self care. Everyone needs to take some time and look after themselves. Whether you suffer from mental health or not, self-care is crucial. Taking time to look after yourself is so important for your wellbeing! Instagram and bath bombsRead more

Mental Health Chats | Tips for bad days

No matter how far you’ve come in your battle with mental health, you are bound to have one of those days where you don’t quite feel as strong or great. It is completely fine because everyone has a bad day! Nonetheless, those days absolutely suck, so here are some tips that help me and mightRead more