My Relaxing Evening Routine

Every now and then, we need an evening to ourselves. One where we can relax and unwind. Actually, most of my evenings are spent like this! I’m a homebody, introvert and suffer from mental health issues, so I find daily life pretty bloody exhausting. I love being at home, making it cosy and peaceful. So here is how I like to spend an evening when I’m trying to relax.

Stretch and breathe

One of my goals for this year was to focus on yoga. So far, it has been so calming. I find it challenging, but not so overwhelmingly that I give up. Once I’m finished and am in the corpse pose (definitely my favourite), I’ve been trying to do a little bit of meditation. Just a few minutes being completely still and letting the stress from the day melt away.

Soak away the day

The first thing I think of when I’m planning a relaxing evening is a gloriously bubbly bath. I swear, before my dinner has even finished digesting, I’m already running the bath. Light the candles, dig out a Lush bath bomb, grab a book or set up the latest vlogs in my sub box. Then I soak away the entire day. I will stay in the bath, until I look like a prune, have woken up from an accidental nap or the water is freezing cold.

Moisturise your bloody face

If there is one thing that I’m terrible at, it’s skincare. I always forget. But there is nothing better than properly scrubbing, cleansing and moisturising your face. Even just remembering to take off your makeup is good because there is nothing worse than waking up with crusty mascara smudged all over your face. Whilst you’re at it, I try remember to moisturise my body too, because I end up looking like a dragon with all that scaly dry skin.

Cosy pjs, more candles and my bed

Pyjamas are my life. I wear pjs most of the time. I really don’t understand those people who wear actual clothes when they are at home?! I even have daytime and nighttime pjs. There’s no distinct difference between the two, apart from the excuse to change into fresh, cosy pjs after I’ve had a shower/bath.

But there is nothing better snuggling into some freshly washed pjs, is there? Answer: ~obviously not~. Nothing makes me happier than being in bed, with a delicious-smelling candle (Bath and Body Works’ Marshmallow Fireside is my current fave one) and finally getting to read the book I’ve been thinking about all day!

Just writing this has made me super excited to have a bath and get into pjs! What do you try and do to relax in the evenings?

Let me know what you think?