5 Tips for When You Aren’t Feeling Yourself

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Trying to remain positive in your body image every second of every day is damn hard. We aren’t going to feel good all the time. It’s understandable when everywhere you look there are photos of supposedly flawless women, adverts for the latest ‘skinny tea’ and the rhetoric that fat is bad. And sometimes, you justRead more

My Festive Bucketlist for Dubai

Hannah Jayne Christmas Decorations

After reading the lovely Sophie’s Christmas bucketlist, I became insanely jealous that I couldn’t see the London Christmas lights or cosy up when it’s freezing outside. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling! Rather than dwelling on jealousy (never a good thing) or becoming totally homesick, IRead more

Monthly Favourites #2

Hannah Jayne Monthly Favourites

I’m back with another monthly favourites. This month has been one of adjustment for me, I’ve moved to a  new country and started working as marketing intern for a great company. It’s all very different, but still super exciting! However, these changes haven’t stopped me becoming obsessed with a few bits and bobs. If youRead more